In this tutorial, we will see all the steps to create a Google Map key for GMapFP component.

Getting started: Access your Google key creation space.

To do this, click the shortcut in the parameters page of GMapFP.

 link to create Google key

At this stage, you are on the Google page indicating why a Google key.

You can read this information for information.

Click the "Get key" button. 

Then create your project or call an existing.

If this is not already, create a navigation key.

At this point you should have a page like:

Key Google browser

 We must now assign the correct Google API key to this.

For this, click on "Dashboard". google key dashboard

Activate finally the 5 APIs necessary for GMapFP component :

5 google api keys

Google Maps JavaScript API => Enable

Google Maps Directions API => Enable

Google Maps Geolocation API => Enable

Google Maps Geocoding API => Enable

Google Places API Web Service => Enable


Your key is now created and all necessary API attached thereto.

You do more than to apply to the value of this key in the parameters of GMapFP.

google api key entry

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